Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well this week my little sis won a Sectional championship. It was something that was always talked about by Patrick and I... He always said that this was the year they would go to State and after that he was ready to become a Loogootee Lion. You see with supporting a team it was not about the school, it was about the kids that made the school. We were supporting the people we love. I know that he was there and supporting Megan and is so very proud of her. I knew that it would have been his weekend off and that we would be there together as a family. Even though it would be stressful we loved doing things as a family. As I watched Megan play tears ran down my facing knowing that again he was not here phycially like I want him to be. I spent the time between games hanging out with Fletch. It makes me so sad but I always leave our talks with a sense of peace. I think it is because I know that he knows how bad my heart hurts and how no matter how strong I pretend to be the tears that I cry daily never stop. It is like I tell him all my problems like I have always done and he wraps his arms around me and lets me know that it will be ok and that he is here with me. What's funny is that during Megan's talk at the pep session it finally hit me. It doesn't take a Sectional title to make me proud of Megan. I am so proud of the person she is. She is one of the sweetest, strongest, smartest, etc.. young lady that I have ever met. She is amazing as Fletch would say. I just wish he would be sitting beside me cheering her on. Throughout all of this Megan and her volleyball family have been amazing to me and my children. They have put a smile on my face without even knowing that they did. These girls like all of the surrounding volleyball teams have put their heart and soul into the game they love and we love to watch. I am just truly glad that this was the year that Megan and her team won, and I know that Patrick is too. Well we are off to Regional. I pray that God is with these girls and allows them to play to the best of their abilities. I know if they do that than nobody will stop them. Well talk to you later.
Love Tara

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Alyssa said...

It's been a rough but amazing year for those girls. I told megan that I loved her and to never forget he's got the best view in the gym! Oh yea, and that he's probably saying "Yea, that's MY sister!" =]

Perfect Love