Wednesday, October 8, 2008


6 Random Facts

1 The one thing that I look forward to in life is being a Grandma. I can not wait to rock them, watch them play, and love them and hopefully it will not be for a while but when it does I will be the best Grandma ever....
2. I am a romantic. I love to love... Believe me it hurts when you lose someone you love but I would rather love than never feel that wonderful feeling that love has.
3. I do not like chocolate. Not that I wont eat it but much rather have a nerds rope.
4. I have issues with wanting to save the world and finding the good in people who do not have a lot of it. That may sound like a good trait but it also consists of lots of stress, being used, and hurt. Patrick was definitely trying to get rid of that trait in me.
5. I love God, my children, family, and friends. I have been through some hard times but I have a huge support system and love them to death.
6. I am very laid back and this drives most crazy. I do not make decisions not even where I want to eat.

Well I do not know who to Tag but if you read this you are officially tagged. LOL

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