Friday, February 6, 2009


Well, it is the great month of February! YAY. I guess. I remember a year ago, I went out to California over Super Bowl weekend. I got to spend four wonderful nights with my awesome cousin Josh. It was a much needed weekend away and to my surprise it was life changing. I did not tell anyone that I was going not even Josh until 10 on Thursday night when I drove to Indy in a snow storm. I got to Cali the next morning really excite but nervous at the same time. I was a small town girl in a great big world. The first night out, Josh and I took a picture outside of a club and send it to Fletch saying guess where I am... He could not believe that I went. In the next text, I jokingly said, Will you marry me? He replied back NO! We laughed about that for the longest time. I did not know that when I came home, I would start dating the man of my dreams. Needless to say, I left a lot of things out in Cali and began a lot of new things at home. I don't know if Josh ever realized that this weekend with him was life-changing. When I came home, Josh ended up coming home too for a whole month. He was a recruiter in Bedford. Fletch, Josh, and I spent many nights hanging out in Montgomery at the old house. We had so much fun, but I think the most memorable was the night Josh played guitar and Fletch sang. I do not know if they ever completed a whole song but I loved it. The boys basketball sectional was played at Loogootee on his birthday February 26Th and I sent him birthday wished on his phone. He replied back very excited that I remembered. Anyone that knows me, knows that this alone is a miracle. We spent his birthday partying at the old house and I even tried to feed him moldy cake. He said that his mom had got him a cake and that he loved red velvet. I don't remember if that was a night with electricity, with the TV on the counter, strobe lights , disco ball, or the Creed video on the big screen but I do remember hanging out with my two best friends Josh and Fletch. I still didn't know that I would fall in love with Fletch but I knew that I was now seeing him as more than a party boy. He was very responsible! Every time everyone would leave, he would stay to make sure everything was put up and that everyone was where they were suppose to be. I remember his late night motorcycle ride and how it scared the heck out of me, but boy did he love that bike. It was his baby girl for the time being, but that was all about to change. So looking back on last February and looking forward to this one is somewhat the same. I am again lost, but have hope. I know that this year, he will not turn another year older. He will forever be Bobbi's Young Gun. LOL It took a long time, for my family to get his true age out of me and now I am not worried or ashamed to say Fletch was and forever will be 22 years old. He was a man wiser than his years and the kind of person that most of us only wish to be. He took my hand not worrying what others thought, he took my heart not worrying about what could happen, and he took our lives and joined them into one family. February is the month of love and on Valentine's Day I want you all to know that I love each and everyone of you. This month not only symbolized love, Fletch's birthday, and our beginning it represents true love that never ends. The love that was unselfish, perfect, pure, and undying. My love for him has not died but continues to grow everyday.
Tomorrow is Megan's Homecoming game and I am so excited. I sometimes look at her and can see him. She will laugh and I can hear him. I know just like him, she will do great things with her life and have a positive impact on people's lives just like he did mine. She also has her final sectional tournament next week. They play W.C. on Tuesday and I wish her and her team a wonderful run during this tournament time.
Bobbi is home and I do not get to see her as much as I should, but her just being home is a miracle itself. She has came a long way and still has a long way ahead of her... So please continue to pray for her and her family.
Well I hope everyone has a very blessed February and I will try to write more soon!~


Desiree' Knepp said...

Awww...dear I am so proud of you, this past year was a hard one I know, but you are one of the strongest women I know!! I remember nights at the old house! lol...lots of crazy times! I just remember telling josh, wow I think they are actually gonna start dating! lol...its crazy how things end up and how two sweet people made such great history! I love you and am so glad you are the person you are!

Laura Raber said...

Tara...I just love "seeing" how you are not just working through all this but embracing it and learning and being so thankful! It's truly inspiring.
Love ya. L

Kris said...

Wow. A friend of mine found your blog and thought I should read it. My husband Joe died when he was 22 in a car accident. I was left with a 2 year old girl and and an 8 month old boy. I have just sat and cried while reading your story. I so understand that kind of pain. God and my children are how I survived. My husband has been dead for 14 years now. I am happily remarried but I still miss Joe. He is the father of my children and my first love. You and your children will be in my prayers. God Bless you on your journey.

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